Business competition POPRI

“You are never too young to be entrepreneurial” could be the slogan of an entrepreneurial competition called POPRI.

The contest, which brings young people together, encourages them to think about entrepreneurship and come up with big ideas that will change the world.

At KIKstarter, we too encourage young people to participate in the entrepreneurship competition, which is aimed at young people from 7th grade (14 years old) to 29 years old. This way, in addition to gaining new knowledge, acquaintances and even points for a government scholarship, they also receive a financial reward.

In KIKštarter, an entrepreneurship club for elementary school students is held once a week, where we develop an idea together and thus get to know all parts of entrepreneurship – the nicer and the somewhat more difficult ones.

Each year we offer entrepreneurial circle, where kids can develop their product ideas and work on them. We try to give them as much knowledge as we can so that they are ready to take the opportunity. Each year the kids have amazing ideas. They come up with products that are useful and beside that they are aiming to be environmentally friendly. It is a true delight to watch them developing this ideas and be a part of their project.

Last year, we had two girls that developed a Cookie spoon. They wanted to eliminate the usage of normal spoons and the sugar packs. The spoons would sweeten the coffee, there would be no need to use the actual spoon and add the sugar, and there would be no waste! This year we had one girl that developed juice that would eliminate anemia. The juice is made from terrain, but not just any terrain it is made from ecological terrain. That means that the impact on environment is less smaller. In previous year we also had kids that were developing bio composter. We think that all of these ideas are just amazing!

Each year kids prove themselves that they do care about the environment. We try to encourage the youths to think green and to develop even more ideas like this. It is important that they value our planet and think off different options how to save it.