Learning Week in Kamnik – May 2023

After our first Module on how to create green business idea was carefully prepared, we managed to test it at the event on our young workers and young. The event was held in Kamnik on 8-12 May and Kikstarter was the main host, there were more than twenty participants going through the modules content to educate themsleves on:

Ideation: every product or service starts with an idea. Forming and formulating an idea is the firststep in creating something that can eventually be put on the market and sold tocustomers. But how can we generate ideas?
Integration: taking the idea to the next level, means knowing that there are 10 elements of a successful business idea. It is important to remember that a good business idea is constantly changing and devolving so each element is constantly updated and refined.

Validation: we will learn that it is important to bear in mind the meaning of environment, customerneeds and future contribution to sustainability.Validation, prototyping, and minimum viableproduct (MVP) are all essential steps in the green product development process.

Implementation: if you have reached this stage, it is because you have completed the previous modules and you have a great idea that you want to carry out, so you are ready to commit to your idea and make it a reality.

Young and youth workers were intesivelly learning the modules through the whole week from 9 to 5. Through the week the content of the modules were presented to the atendees through presentations, workshops and other type of learning games took place. The young have prepared their own green product ideas, which they developed through all the stages stated above and presented them at the end of the week.

We must say, many great green entrepreneurship ideas were developed!