Remote team working

YounGreenHub has a built-in project management tool. To use this tool you need to create a group and add members to this group.

On the control panel of the group you will find a Projects tab. If you create a project within a group, all of the group members will be automatically assigned to the project by default. Also, all of your group member/co-workers will get a notification as well.

Key features of the Remote Team Working tool:

Task List:

  • Add as many tasks as you want with titles and description
  • Add tasks, assign users, assign a due date
  • See the progress bar on the list
  • Add comments, descriptions, and titles on individual to-do lists and to-do’s
  • Mark to-do as complete/incomplete


  • Choose from 3 types of milestones: a) upcoming, b) completed and c) late milestoneű
  • Assign messages and to-do list on milestone


  • Messages are used for discussing the project with co-workers of that project
  • You can add attachments to messages
  • Edit and stylize messages
  • Comments can be made for discussion or collaboration


  • File sharing feature to ensure better understanding and workflow between co-workers
  • Upload all files on messages and comments and navigate to individual attached threads
  • Upload and share any file anytime in one place

Gantt Chart:

  • Observe the duration of the tasks through horizontal bar graphs
  • Change the beginning and finishing dates of the tasks or projects
  • Assess dependencies among different tasks and subtasks with Gantt charts

Dynamic Notification:

  • Email notification to keep the users updated about their assigned, upcoming or outdated tasks
  • Control who will receive which notification from settings