Introducing YounGreenHub to high school students in Kamnik, Slovenia

On April 13th, 2023, a very special day called Eco Day dedicated to kindness towards nature was held at the Rudolf Maister Gymnasium and High School, Kamnik, Slovenia.Students from the first to fourth year of the programs in economics and preschool education wondered whether humans are kind to nature.

First-year students watched the current film “The Dark Side of Smartphones,” attended a theatrical play on climate migrations, and participated in a creative workshop on diabetes and the general danger of sugar prepared by preschool program second graders. At the workshop, they made a sugar molecule out of styrofoam and toothpicks. Second graders participated in four workshops united under the overarching theme of the Water Path. One of the workshops was carried out in the field where the students were introduced to the waterways around the school. They were accompanied by the school’s VideoPRESS group, who filmed a short film for the Eco-School GLOBE project.

Third-year preschool education students dealt with the problem of fast fashion or the textile industry at the workshops, while third-year economics students in the economic technician program participated in a workshop conducted by KIKstarter. In the practical workshop led by Nika Škrjanec, students used the Young GREENhub platform (a website that promotes and encourages young people to engage in sustainable initiatives such as green entrepreneurship and sustainable development. The website provides information on various sustainable projects and initiatives, events, workshops, and competitions organized throughout Europe. The website is primarily intended for young people aged 15 to 30 who want to actively contribute to a more sustainable future) to develop sustainable projects that would contribute to reducing environmental pollution.

Fourth-year students from both programs spent the first two hours of class preparing for the final exams, after which they listened to a lecture by the Vozim association in the small gymnasium at GSŠRM. The lecture was followed by the Smart Driving workshop.

At the Rudolf Maister Gymnasium and High School, students from different years marked Eco Day dedicated to kindness towards nature. On this day, students attended numerous workshops and lectures dealing with sustainable development and environmental issues. Some were introduced to climate migrations, others to the problem of fast fashion and the textile industry, while others developed sustainable projects that would contribute to reducing environmental pollution. Students also learned about the dangers of sugar and participated in a water workshop conducted in the field. In addition, fourth-year students prepared for the final exams and listened to a lecture and workshop on safe driving. In short, Eco Day was a very successful and educational event that provided students with an opportunity to learn about various environmental topics and contribute to a more sustainable future.