Balevski & Kirov: Pioneering Organic Essential Product Production with Green Technologies

Balevski & Kirov Ltd., a small boutique company based in the town of Tryavna, Bulgaria, is redefining the production of essential health products. Their philosophy centers around offering consumers natural, healthy nutrition through products rich in authentic substances, with an unwavering commitment to purity, free from herbicides, pesticides, GMOs, preservatives, and additives.

The Core Concept of Balevski & Kirov

The company specializes in processing briar, focusing on technological processes that optimize the preservation of beneficial substances in the fruit. Their approach embodies “Green technologies and solutions,” integrating the latest environmentally-friendly technologies and machinery to create products that retain the natural goodness of raw materials.

100% Organic Raw Materials

Balevski & Kirov pride themselves on using only 100% organic raw materials, with a certification to back their commitment to organic production. Despite the global dominance of Chile and China in rosehip production, the company places its trust in Bulgarian cultivated rose hips, believed to be the richest in vitamins due to the local latitudes.

Innovative and Environmentally Conscious Technology

Balevski & Kirov’s production process is a testament to their innovative spirit and environmental responsibility:

  • Optimized Drying Process: To maintain high levels of vitamins and fatty acids, they employ a two-stage drying process, starting naturally and then proceeding at low temperatures in a specialized dryer.
  • Eco-Friendly Energy Source: The company has developed a combustion plant powered by rosehip moss, a by-product of their production process, ensuring that their drying process is 100% environmentally friendly.
  • Traditional Grinding Method: They use stone mills for grinding, a time-honored method that preserves the essential nutrients in rose hips without heating them.
  • Advanced Cold Pressing Technology: The presses used for oil extraction are a patented development, operating at lower temperatures and in a nitrogen environment to preserve the beneficial substances in the oil.

Storing and Bottling Practices

The company goes to great lengths to preserve the integrity of their products:

  • Nitrogen-Conditioned Storage: Oils are stored in specially designed containers under a nitrogen environment to maintain their quality.
  • Specialized Bottling Process: Oils are bottled in a sterile environment, with a dosing machine that creates a nitrogen atmosphere in the jars, extending the shelf life of the oil.

Learn More About Balevski & Kirov

To discover more about the innovative and environmentally-conscious practices of Balevski & Kirov, and how they are contributing to healthier nutrition and a greener planet, visit Balevski & Kirov.

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